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Vxxrhees "Sad Wxrld" Cover Art Design

Cover Art I made for the new Vxxrhees single, "Sad Wxrld"!

Vxxrhees is back at it again with another new single! Sad Wxrld is a song based on the artist's beliefs on the current state of the world. To make a cover art for this single, I made a symbolic version of the "blind sheep in the media" they mention in the song. I thought an army of faceless mannequins inviting you into the TV was a great way to visualize that. I made a demo version of the layout on my phone, and later finalized a cleaner version in Photoshop.


Demo version of the Sad Wxrld cover.

My process of turning the demo into a final, polished version of the design.


Final Product of the Sad Wxrld cover art.

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