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Vxxrhees Branding

Branding for new Emo-rap artist, Vxxrhees. From logo designs, to album covers, to music videos and social Media advertisements.

Vxxrhees is a brand that I had the pleasure of working on from the ground-up. Vxxrhees is a new up-and-coming artist in the Emo-rap genre. The name is a spin of the Friday The 13th's killer, Jason Voorhees. His music can range from being in Jason's point of view as he kills people, to straight up telling the world just how sad it currently isHis music hits hard, and the lyrics are dark as all-get-out, so I made a logo that was sleek like a machete blade, and other visuals that make you think of death, darkness, and blood. You can find his music & my designs on YouTubeSoundCloudSpotify, and other sevices like iTunes.

I started out wanting to do a 'V' shape, but it didn't quite give the feeling of a "killer" such as Jason. I noticed that he always has 3 distinctive marks on his hockey mask, and decided to work with those instead. I experimented with making a face out of it, and things took off from there. 

First Version of logo w/ Photoshop Design to complement it.

The first design was great, but just for fun, I did the mask design; and it ironically fit much better than the original! I made that the new official design and took it into Photoshop once more to tie it all together.

I recolored the original red/green design to have more white in it instead, so the background can compliment the new mask shape/color.


Finished logo design w/ background (also used as base for first album cover).

The new design was used as a base for the first album cover to set the tone for future Vxxrhees designs. I went with a neat serif font like Minion Variable Concept and Sitka to contrast with the chaos of the background. The typeface also has a gothic style to it, which I thought matched perfectly with the overall dark tone.

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