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Soda Review Social Media Graphics

As the account owner of the PopTheTop social media page, I review sodas and other new fizzy drinks out in the market. To make my reviews stand out in the sea of other review pages just like mine, I decided to make a custom graphic that mimics the style of the advertisements for the drink being reviewed in order to make it look like something that the company itself had made.


I would also stick to reviewing similar drinks in orders based on their aesthetics in order to make sure my social media page looked cohesive in theme with each row of posts. These graphics made my reviews more engaging, and stood out from the rest of the soda review posts from other pages that only had an amateur photo of the product as it’s front page.

Profile view of the graphics together in action. The right-most image features what the review posts would look like once opened.

All the various images I created for my soda reviews, from Dr Pepper Cream Soda, to Apple Pie KitKats

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