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PopTheBox Logo Design/Animation

For this project, I created a logo for a potential new brand of mine, PopTheBox, that would center around me reviewing snack foods and other items. I created a video that covers the whole process of the 50+ renditions of the logo, and also created a small looping animation for the final logo design that could be used as a loading screen or in other applications. On top of that, I created a bundle of animations for my already-existing brand, PopTheTop, that centers around collecting and reviewing sodas and other drinks. These animations would be used for a live streaming platform or other video applications.


Final PopTheBox Logo (left), with Focal Point Visualization (right)

Looping animation based on the logo design


Workspace showcasing all 50+ versions of the logo design

Time lapse video of my design process, which was livestreamed on Twitch.

Cola-themed transition to be used in video or other applications

Animated intermission screen

Live demonstration of video game footage transitioning to intermission screen

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