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A-State Herald

As the Graphic Design Editor for the Herald newspaper, I worked with a team of editors from the other sections of the paper weekly to create graphics that fit their articles and brought attention to the content they wrote. While I was given complete creative freedom most of the time, I still communicated with them consistently.


I received three Arkansas College Media Association awards for my work in the October 14th editionOctober 28th edition, and the November 18th Fall 2020 Special Edition of the newspaper. I was given another award from the Southeast Journalism Conference for my work in Fall 2021.


2020 SBC Women's Soccer Tournament Graphic - My award-winning design inspired by Alexey Brodovitch's Spread from Harper’s Bazaar, 1938

Mask graphic full-01.png
Variant Types Graphic.jpg

Fall 2021 Infographics from various issues

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