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A-State Esports Merch Site Banner, Ad, & Wallpapers

As a player for my University’s Esports program, it was only a matter of time until I’d use my talents to help spruce up the program’s brand visually. Before then, the program had only what graphics and assets students within it contributed, leaving a taste of inconsistency to outsiders. My job was to bring consistency and use that to help bring in more merchandise sales and viewers to the program’s social media pages. This would then help the program’s reach grow to gain more potential fans and players.


From free branded wallpapers, to developing the banner featured on the top of the program’s merchandise site, I created graphics to cover all corners of the program. The small merch advertisement was able to not only be used on the player’s streaming channels, but its aspect ratio was perfect size to be reused for spreading on social media. The wallpapers also meant that the public could take the brand anywhere, from their personal computers to their mobile phones. So far the program’s reach has grown exponentially, netting new viewers and followers across all platforms nearly every day.

Screenshot (111).png

The banner can be seen on Agent Ink's web page

AstateEsportsAgentInk Panel.png
Screenshot (114).png
Screenshot (113).png

Merch advertisement being displayed on multiple twitch channels from various A-State Esports players.


Wallpaper on display on a desktop computer.

All desktop wallpapers created for players to use in the Esports Practice Space


Mobile wallpaper on display on a smartphone

All mobile wallpapers created for fans to use on their mobile phones and other portable devices.

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